HARAARU LLC is proud to distribute some of the most recognizable top brands in the independent retail, and various industries. HARAARU LLC have a strong foundation with manufacturers and suppliers. In basic terms, this means offering the right products, of the right quality, at the right price. The product needs to be available when the customer wants it, and the service needs to be reliable and supported by excellent customer service.

Above and beyond

Our Manufacturers aren’t satisfied with simply meeting the minimum requirements—they strive to exceed them. They are willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent products and services to our customers. Our manufacturers are leaders in their field and have a positive can-do attitude. They are willing to work with their customers to ensure both parties are winners.

Our suppliers recognize the importance of building strong business relationships built on two-way communication and transparency. This means being a good communicator and keeping customers informed, both when there is good news and when there is a challenge that needs tackling.