Please read the following information before fill the bottom screening application and send it to us.. We will contact as soon as possible

Q. How do I become a HARAARU customer?

You can fill out an online screening customer application at the bottom of this page. Once your application is submitted, HARAARU       representative will be in contact with you.

Q. What does DBA mean?

DBA stands for Doing Business As. A DBA name is a fictitious business name (or assumed trade name) that is different from your personal name, the names of your partners or the official registered name of business entities. When a business is formed, the legal name of that business defaults to the name of the owner. Unless, however, a DBA name is registered then that becomes the legal business name.

Q. What is the status of my application?

To acquire your application status, please email our Credit department at for further assistance.

Q. I am having a difficult time getting past the last page of the online application, which asks for my first name, last name and business name. What am I doing wrong?

When filling out this part of the application, be sure that these fields match the names given previously in the application. Names must be identical. It’s best to just copy and paste from previous entries so that your records match.

Q. I don’t have a tax certification. How do I get past this field in the application?

If you do not know your Tax Information number, you can simply fill out the Tax Information with 00-0000000. For the  Tax Certification portion of the application, simply fill out your name and address. Once your application is received, our credit department will contact you to discuss these two fields.

Q. Can I do returns online?

Yes, you can manage your return authorization online whenever it is convenient for you. Of course if you prefer we’re available to help with your returns via email during regular business hours.

Q. What does LTL mean?

LTL is an acronym for Less Than Truckload. This means a shipment requires a partial trailer. Some products are required to be shipped LTL if they are too large, heavy or fragile to be shipped as a Small Parcel. If you have more questions on LTL shipments, please contact our customer service department at

Have another question?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more assistance.